Wild Game Processing in Palmer Lake, CO

Colorado is well-known as a terrific locale for hunting elk, deer and other popular wild game. No matter what your preferred game might be while hunting, we can help with some of the state’s best wild game processing.

Sara’s Sausage has four decades of experience processing wild game for local hunters. We get many repeat customers year after year and are always happy to add more.

Sara’s Sausage uses only the best and most sanitary equipment. And our USDA-certified processing ensures that you get the best results from your wild game in Palmer Lake, Monument, or Air Force Academy, CO. We can take your cleaned wild game and convert it into the kinds of meats and sausages that make your mouth water and leave you wanting more.

Highly Experienced Wild Game Processing

We can convert your wild game into sausage and other boneless meats that taste great when served at your table. Our professional butchers and sausage makers provide the best wild game processing in Colorado. We can convert your wild game into mouthwatering meats and sausages that are always great to eat and serve to friends and family.

We can provide you with a variety of boneless cuts of meats, ground game and sausage that will taste great on your serving table. We highly recommend our wild game sausage processing, which helps to deliver the best flavor. Our sausage products are among the best in Colorado and convert your wild game into great-tasting foods.

It is important to keep in mind that we do no cutting and only work with boneless meat. We can take your wild elk, venison and other meats and convert them into delectable boneless products and sausage.

Why You Should Choose Wild Game Sausage

You can get a lot more from your wild game when you use our professional wild game processing. You could marinate your wild game and cook it as steaks or grind it into burgers at your own home. But it will not taste its best.

Our wild game processing helps to remove the gaminess from wild game. We can season and tenderize your game to produce excellent cuts and savory sausage. You can learn more about our wild game processing and other fresh sausage options and contact us at (719) 488-0530.

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