Buying Meat in Bulk in Palmer Lake, CO

Buying meat and seafood for your hotel or restaurant is a challenge. When you need deli meats or frozen seafood for your restaurant or hotel in Keywords – Geo Location: Palmer Lake, you want to know you are getting meats and seafood of the highest quality.

Sara’s Sausage is a local Colorado company serving business owners with all their wholesale meat needs. Sara’s Sausage carries a wide assortment of some of the most popular meat and seafood products, including frozen seafood, ribs, deli meats and cuts, sausages, and boxed meats including chicken, turkey, and other meats. They provide discounts and bulk purchases that allow you to keep your freezer and refrigerator fully stocked with the best ingredients without breaking the bank. Contact us today to order yours!

Why buy wholesale meats?

In the restaurant and hotel industry, meat catering is a key aspect of your business and a material you need daily. However, expenses can quickly add up and undercut your profits if you don’t buy from the right suppliers.

Buying from the local grocery is simply not sustainable in terms of costs or your supply needs to run a business. Meats should always be bought wholesale to take advantage of a wider selection and also from meat suppliers accustomed to dealing with the restaurant and hotel industries. You can also buy unique meats such as sweet Italian sausages, chorizo, boudin, buffalo meats, and other wild game. Wholesalers not only offer better prices many offer discounts on certain amounts and payment methods. For example, Sara’s Sausage offers a 3.5 percent discount for cash payments.

There are many advantages to buying local. When bulk buying meat for your business, you want the freshest ingredients possible. Colorado is home to wholesalers who provide fresh and unique meats and seafood for your business.

What You Should Know About Ordering Meat Out of State

When you order from out of state, you pay more in shipping and receive frozen goods due to interstate travel. Frozen meat quickly loses its quality and meat that has been frozen quickly loses its taste and quality. Your paying customers expect quality, and offering the freshest meat and seafood ensures you stand out from your competitors by offering food that simply tastes better.

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