Meat Catering in Palmer Lake, CO

Restaurants and hospitality businesses need the services of a highly experienced and USDA-certified meat wholesaler to provide the highest quality and best-tasting foods for their customers and clients.

Whether you own or manage a restaurant, hotel kitchen or another fine establishment, Sara’s Sausage in Palmer Lake is one of Colorado’s premier wholesale meat distributors. Only our seafood supplies are ever frozen.

That ensures our wholesale meats, poultry and sausages are the best-tasting available. It also helps to keep our seafood fresh and tasting great while on your table.

Catering for Your Corporate Events

Few things generate goodwill more than a fine meal. When you are planning a corporate event and need catering and great food, Sara’s Sausage has the finest catered meats and other foods available in Colorado. Our catering service provides you with the best selection of choice meats, poultry, pork and frozen seafood. We also have some of the best ribs available for barbecuing or your other favorite food preparation.

Our meat catering includes the finest:

  • Frozen seafood
  • Boxed meat (turkey, meat, chicken)
  • Sausages
  • Deli meats
  • Ribs

We can prepare the food and have it ready for your corporate event. If you have your own kitchen staff to prepare your great-tasting fare, we can deliver the choicest cuts, freshest seafood, delectable deli meats and perfect poultry. We offer many types of sausages to complement any breakfast, lunch or dinner crowd.

Lean and Flavorful Deli Meat Catering

Our deli meats are ideal for buffets, brunches and luncheons. And they taste great with any meal. Sara’s Sausage uses only USDA-certified meats to create our full array of deli meats for your next corporate event.

Your lunch and brunch crowd can enjoy flavorful sandwiches and other foods with our nutritious and very delicious selection of deli meats. They are lean and taste great as sandwiches when served cold or in hot buffets.

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You can save a lot on your business expenses when you do business with one of the best meat wholesalers in Colorado. You can contact us at Sara’s Sausage in Palmer Lake by calling (719) 488-0530 to learn more and start saving money on the best wholesale meats, bratwurst, and wild game sausages in Palmer Lake, Monument, and Air Force Academy, CO.

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